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Battery Safety Tips
Button batteries are dangerous to kids, especially toddlers, and cause severe injuries when swallowed. Here are a few easy tips to protect your kids.
Halloween Safety Tips
The simple act of slowing down on neighborhood roads will not only make Halloween more enjoyable for everyone, but it could also save lives.
Driveway Safety Tips
Before you get in the car, walk all the way around the parked vehicle to make sure children are not under or behind it.
Swimming Safety Tips

Whether (s)he’s in a backyard swimming pool, at a community center, or in the ocean, always actively watch your child in and around water.

Sports Safety Tips

Wearing the appropriate and properly fitted sports gear during practice and games can help avoid minor and serious injuries.

Skating and Skateboarding Safety Tips
Children should always wear a helmet for all wheeled sports activities. When skateboarding and long boarding, make sure your child wears a helmet.
Mother and child on playground

Nothing is more exciting to a kid than a great playground. But play areas need to be properly designed, maintained, and supervised to be safe for kids.

Bike Safety Tips

Cycling is fun for the entire family, but both you and your kids need to be properly equipped when riding bikes, skateboards, or anything with wheels.

Boating Safety Tips
Always have your children wear a life jacket while on boats, around open bodies of water, or participating in water sports.