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Sports Safety 101: About The Campaign

In 2013, more than 1.24 million children were seen in emergency departments for injuries related to 14 commonly played sports. Millions more were treated at urgent care clinics and by family physicians. With such a high incidence of injuries in this area, Safe Kids and Johnson & Johnson teamed up to educate parents of young athletes about key safety lessons when their kids are just starting to get into sports. Together, we are aiming to change the culture of youth sports, creating communities of young athletes who play safer during practice and in the game. 

Learn it.

The Sports Safety 101 video series features top experts to discuss important issues in youth sports safety like concussions, hydration, overuse, emergency response, proper equipment and the value of playing multiple sports. 

Share it.

Do you know friends, other parents or coaches who might be interested in this information? Please share these videos on social media so we can help build entire teams, schools and communities who play safer on the field.

Go For it.

We want kids to “go for it” when playing the sports they love. If you see your child competing hard and having fun, take a photo and send it to us. Because that’s what sports is all about

Let’s get the conversation going. Working together, we can keep our kids active, strong and safe so they can reach their full potential and enjoy the sports they love for a lifetime.