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Spotlight on Global Road Safety Initiatives from the Safe Kids Global Network

An important part of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is defining strategies to inform national plans for road safety. Five pillars are necessary to develop a comprehensive road safety agenda: road safety management; safer roads and mobility; safer vehicles; safer road users; and post-crash response.

Safe Kids Worldwide surveyed 6,000 parents of children ages 16 and under in six countries where there are efforts of varying intensity underway to improve road safety: Brazil, China, India, Qatar, South Africa and the United States. How does the survey inform how these pillars are applied? We learned that the majority of parents agree or strongly agree that more needs to be done in their communities to improve road safety for children, and many worry that their children will be seriously hurt in a road traffic collision. This means that children’s safety needs to be a central part of every country’s national road safety plan.

Here’s a look at examples from the Safe Kids Global Network, which show what’s working in those six countries.

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