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April 2012 Product Safety Recalls

CPSC/Health Canada 04/26/2012 - CPSC, in cooperation with the Manhattan Group, recalls baby rattles (Whoozit Starry Time Rattle) due to choking hazard

CPSC 04/26/2012 - CPSC, in cooperation with the seller, Target, recalls Bunny Sippy Cups because parts of the product can poke a child in the eye and cause injury

FDA 04/26/2012 - Café-Tasse S.A. is voluntarily recalling its 1.58 oz. Café-Tasse Noir (Dark) Belgian chocolate bar; may contain undeclared traces of milk

FDA 04/25/2012 - Krispak, Inc. is voluntarily recalling 16 cases of GFS Hostess Candy Mix packages due to a potential mis-pack, resulting in undeclared allergens

FDA 04/24/2012 - American Regent voluntarily recalls Epinephrine injections due to discoloration and small visible particles

CPSC 04/24/2012 - CPSC, in cooperation with the manufacturer, recalls girls' Louise Paris jackets; waist drawstrings pose entanglement hazard; sold exclusively at Ross Stores

CPSC 04/24/2012 - Puma voluntarily recalls youth jackets; waist drawstrings pose entanglement hazard

FDA 04/13/2012  -  Mission Foods voluntarily recalled Taco Dinner Kits due to possible undeclared milk allergen

FDA 04/13/2012 -  Harry and David issued allergy alert on undeclared peanuts in Harry & David premium Kansas City Style Barbeque Almonds

CPSC 04/12/2012 -  Nan Far Woodworking drop-side cribs, exclusively sold at JC Penney voluntarily recalled due to entrapment hazard and fall-outs

FDA 04/12/2012 -  John B. Sanfilippo and Son, Inc. voluntarily recalled Full Circle Concierge Snack Nut Blend product due to undeclared soy and milk ingredients

FDA 04/11/2012 - John B. Sanfilippo and Son, Inc. voluntarily recalled Vanilla Bean Almonds Product due to undeclared soy ingredients

FDA 04/09/2012 - Planters peanuts (12 ounce cans only) recalled due to possible exposure to bad water during production

CPSC 04/05/2012 -  Todson voluntarily recalled bicycle child carrier seats due to laceration and fingertip amputation hazards

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Top 3 Food Recalls

Number 1 food recallPurple Cow Cookie Butter Ice Cream
Undeclared Pecans
House of Flavors

Number 2 food recall Frozen Pepperoni Pizza
Whole Foods

Number 3 food recallSalad in a Bag
Listeria Monocytogenes


Chests and dressers
IKEA: 27 million

Storage Furniture
Lane Home Furniture: 12 million

Coffee Makers
Keurig: 7.2 million

Macaroni & Cheese
Kraft: 6.5 million

Notebook Power Cords
HP: 6 million

Graco: 5 million

Bean Bag Chairs
Ace Bayou: 2.2 million