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Around the World

Learn how we work with our international partners in Our Network to save kids

The Safe Kids Worldwide (SKW) Alliance, launched in December 2021 as a revamp of our global network, brings together like-minded child injury prevention organizations to address unintentional injuries such as road traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. The goal of the Alliance is to contribute to the reduction of preventable childhood injuries by facilitating information exchange, knowledge sharing, collaboration opportunities and networking among its members. Through the Alliance, members serve as champions for child injury prevention and work to ensure that children remain a priority in global injury preventions discussions.

Connect to One of Our Partners Around the World

SKW Alliance members share a similar mission and are working to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to children due to preventable injuries. Members work in a variety of settings around the world, including health care organizations, nonprofit organizations, academic and research institutions, and community-based organizations. Individuals representing their organizations are:

• Injury prevention professionals

• Public health professionals

• Researchers and academics

• Nurses, doctors and other clinicians

• Community coordinators or educators

• Trauma, paramedics or EMS responders

• Firefighters or police officers

Alliance Members