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Children's Product Recalls - August 2018

Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of products that can put kids at risk. This recall report includes mom’s scarves that don’t meet federal flammability standards and Lorex video monitors with batteries that pose a burn hazard. The Safe Kids’ recall center is a unique place where parents and caregivers can go to stay up-to-date on recalls of all child-related products.

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Top Recalls

August 9, 2018 CPSC; Harbor Freight Tools recalls Handgun Safes because they can open upon impact without key or combination and allow unintended access to guns inside, posing risk of serious injury to children. Units: 25,000.


August 30, 2018 CPSC; Core Health & Fitness recalls its StairMaster branded 8G Gauntlet Stepmill machines because the steps can accelerate rapidly without prompting from the user, posing a fall hazard. Units: 3,500.

August 30, 2018 CPSC; PetSmart recalls All Living Things reptile strip light fixtures because the light’s fluorescent bulb can overheat causing the hood on the fixture to ignite, posing a fire hazard. Units: About 23,000 (an additional 440 were recalled in Canada).

August 29, 2018 CPSC; BSN SPORTS recalls Rubber Critter Toys because the toys’ surface paint contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead paint ban, posing a serious health risk if ingested by children. Units: About 31,200.

August 29, 2018 CPSC; Cybex recalls its Smith Press plate-loaded weight lifting equipment because the weight bar can fall, posing serious injury hazards to users. Units: About 15,000.

August 27, 2018 CPSC; Polaris recalls 2018 RZR XP Turbo S Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles because, in the event of a high-speed rollover, the vehicle’s rollover protection structure can fracture, posing a serious injury hazard to riders. Units: About 1,300.

August 23, 2018 CPSC; American Landmaster recalls its 2018 Landstar, Crossroad and Trailwagon models of off-road utility vehicles, because the gas can leak from the vehicle’s gas tank, posing fire and burn hazards. Units: About 1,500.

August 23, 2018 CPSC; Manhattan Toy recalls its Pull-Back Speedy Jets toy planes because the rubber tires can separate from the wheels, posing a choking hazard for young children. Units: About 5,100 (an additional 930 units were sold in Canada).

August 22, 2018 CPSC; Yamaha recalls its SRVenture DX Snowmobiles because the handgrips can loosen during operation, posing fall and injury hazards to riders. Units: About 120

August 22, 2018 CPSC; Vornado Air reannounces recall of its VH101 Personal Vortex electric space heaters because the heater can overheat when in use, posing fire and burn hazards. Units: About 350,000 (This recall was first announced in April 2018).

August 21, 2018 CPSC; Confer Plastics recalls its Curve in-pool step systems because children’s limbs can become entrapped in the systems’ side openings, posing a drowning hazard. Units: About 100,000 (An additional 2,100 units were sold in Canada).

August 17, 2018; Polaris recalls its ACE 150 and Ranger 150 recreational off-highway vehicles because the front suspension lower ball joint can separate over time, posing a crash hazard. Units: About 5,900.

August 16, 2018 CPSC; American Honda recalls 2018 models of off-road motorcycles because a part can break, causing potential crash hazards. Units: 3,200.

August 15, 2018 CPSC; Xtava recalls its Allure hair dryers because the dryer and power cord can overheat and catch fire, posing fire, burn and shock hazards. Units: 235,000.

August 9, 2018 CPSC; Vitamix recalls Ascent and Venturist series blending containers because the blades can separate from the base and expose the blades resulting in a laceration hazard. Units: 105,000 (5,300 in Canada).

August 8, 2018 FDA; Product Quest Manufacturing (“Product Quest”) is recalling CVS Health 12 Hour Sinus relief mist because of a microbiological contamination identified as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and use can result in infection some of which are resistant to antibiotics.

August 7, 2018 CPSC; NEMO equipment recalls Stargaze Recliner Chairs because the plastic joint which attaches the legs can break, posing a fall hazard. Units: 7,500 (About 15,500 units were previously recalled in February 2018).

August 2, 2018 CPSC; Clean Republic recalls Hill Topper electric bike motor controllers because water can enter the controller and it can accelerate on its own, posing crash and injury hazards. Units: 3,350.

August 2, 2018 CPSC; Rena Ware recalls its Nutrex pressure cookers because they can discharge steam at lower pressures than intended, posing a burn hazard. Units: 700.

August 2, 2018 CPSC; Miller Fireworks recalls ball bullet rocket and M-150 cracker fireworks because they are overloaded with pyrotechnics, violating the federal standard and posing explosion and burn hazards. Units: 3,800.

August 2, 2018 CPSC; Textron Specialized Vehicles recalls Artic Cat snowmobiles because the handgrip can break, posing a fall hazard. Units: 255.

August 2, 2018 CPSC; Zebra Technologies expands its recall of Zebra power supply units for thermal printers which can degrade and corrode when exposed to moisture, risking fire and burn injuries. Units: 1.3 million (increase from 166,000 units in December 2016).

August 1, 2018 CPSC; BMC recalls Timemachine 01 bicycles because variations in tire dimension, tire pressure, head set play and ride load can result in insufficient space between the front wheel and downtube, posing a fall hazard. Units: About 430.