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Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of products that can put kids at risk. This recall report includes more than 367,000 cell phone battery cases with batteries that can overheat and cause burn injuries, bookcases manufactured by two different companies which can tip over and scooters with handlebars that can break and pose a fall hazard. The Safe Kids’ recall center is a unique place where parents and caregivers can go to stay up-to-date on recalls of all child-related products.

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October 29, 2020 CPSC: Serena and Lily recalled its Nash convertible cribs because the leg can detach from the crib’s headboard and footboard, posing an injury hazard. Units: About 260.

October 29, 2020 CPSC: Gorilla Commerce recalled its Heavy Duty Oven Liners because they can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide if installed over vents or other oven openings, posing a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard. Units: About 1,600. 

October 29, 2020 CPSC: Mueller Austria recalled its Onion Chopper Pro Model M-700 because the locking tab can detach from the rest of the unit, exposing hands and fingers to the product's blades and posing a laceration hazard. Units: About 106,000.

October 28, 2020 CSPC: Porter World Trade recalled its Ron Jon Surf Shop Sippy Cups because they contain prohibited levels of lead and phthalates, which are toxic if ingested by young children. Units: About 9,700.

October 28, 2020 CPSC: Schneider Electric recalled its Surgeloc Surge Protection Devices because they can experience an arc event, posing a fire hazard. Units: About 47,250.

October 22, 2020 CPSC: Rocky Mountain Oils recalled its Wintergreen Essential Oil and Oil Blends because their packaging does not meet federal child-resistance standards, posing a poisoning risk to children. Units: About 33,000.

October 21, 2020 CPSC: Jakks Pacific recalled its Morfboard Skate and Scoot Scooters because their “Y” handlebar joint can break, posing a fall hazard to children. Units: About 162,300.

October 21, 2020 CPSC: Bed Bath and Beyond recalled its SALT lounge chairs because the locking mechanism on the chair frame can come apart, posing a fall hazard to consumers. Units: About 10,000.

October 21, 2020 CPSC: CB2 recalled its Trace Bookcases because the frame can collapse when loaded, posing an injury hazard to consumers. Units: About 400.

October 21, 2020 CPSC: Crate and Barrel recalled its Danish Tall Bookcases because they can collapse when full, posing an injury hazard to consumers. Units: About 2,100.

October 15, 2020 CPSC: Peloton recalled its PR70P Clip-In Pedals because they can break during use, causing laceration injuries. Units: About 27,000 (54,000 pedals).

October 9, 2020 CPSC: Westinghouse Lighting recalled its Great Falls outdoor ceiling fans because the fan blades can crack and break, posing an impact injury hazard. Units: About 3,000.

October 7, 2020 CPSC: Endless Technology recalled its Trianium cell phone battery pack cases, sold exclusively on, because the battery can overheat and pose a burn risk. Units: About 367,000.

October 7, 2020 CPSC: HKC-US recalled its Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fans because their light globe can fall from the fan, posing impact and laceration injury hazards. Units: About 280,000.

October 7, 2020 CPSC: CB2 recalled its Bordo and Bordo XL dining tables because the legs can become insecure when moved, causing the table to collapse and posing an injury hazard. Units: About 1,120.

October 7, 2020 CPSC: Prestone Products recalled multiple brands and models of its antifreeze products because their packaging fails to meet federal child-resistance standards, posing a poisoning risk to children. Units: About 687,000.