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March 2013 Product Safety Recalls

3/28/2013 FDA: Heartland Gourmet is voluntarily recalling gluten free baking mixes due to undeclared milk.

3/28/2013 CPSC: iCandy World is voluntarily recalling cherry strollers due to strangulation hazard because the opening between the bumper bar and seat bottom of the stroller can allow an infant’s body to pass through and become entrapped at the neck.

3/28/2013 CPSC: Bell Sports is voluntarily recalling BMX bike helmets due to risk of head injury because the buckle on the helmet’s safety strap can release in an accident, sold exclusively at Toys R Us.

3/28/2013 CPSC: BabyHome USA is voluntarily recalling high chairs due to strangulation hazard because the front opening between the tray and seat bottom of the high chair can allow a child’s body to pass through and become entrapped at the neck.

3/27/2013 CPSC: Bugaboo is voluntarily recalling Cameleon3 strollers due to fall hazard because the stroller’s carrying handle can break and detach.

3/26/2013 CPSC: WRSI is voluntarily recalling kayaking and rafting helmets due to head injury hazard because the chinstrap buckle can fail.

3/26/2013 CPSC: PT Domusindo Perdana is voluntarily recalling drop-side cribs due to entrapment and suffocation hazards because the cribs' drop sides can malfunction creating a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped.

3/26/2013 CPSC: West Music is voluntarily recalling egg-shaker toy instruments due to choking and aspiration hazards.

3/23/2013 FDA: Gold Standard Baking is voluntarily recalling Sweet P’s Bake Shop caramel apple danish coffee cake due to undeclared walnuts.

3/21/2013 CPSC: Magura USA is voluntarily recalling bicycle hydraulic disc brakes due to collision hazard because the brakes can fail in low temperatures.

3/20/2013 CPSC: Yuba Bicycles is voluntarily recalling Mundo cargo bikes due to injury hazard because the passengers feet can get caught in the rear wheel.

3/15/2013 FDA: Nishimoto Trading Co., Ltd is voluntarily recalling packages of Kameda Brand Rice Cracker "Kotsubukko" snack food because they may contain undeclared milk.

3/15/2013 FDA: Grippo Foods, Inc is voluntarily recalling potato chips due to possible containment of metal fragments.

3/14/2013 CPSC: IdeaVillage is voluntarily recalling BrightLight Blankets due to burn hazard.

3/14/2013 CPSC: UNIQLO is voluntarily recalling children’s pajamas due to violation of federal flammability hazard.

3/14/2013 CPSC: Synclaire Brands is voluntarily recalling Stuart Weitzman girl’s Cha Cha boots due to fall hazard.

3/13/2013 CPSC: Toys R Us is voluntarily recalling Imaginarium activity walker due to choking hazard.

3/5/2013 CPSC: Tween Brands is voluntarily recalling disco lights due to electric shock hazard.