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Kristin Rosenthal

Senior Program Manager

“After being seriously injured as a pedestrian, I have made it my mission to help keep kids safe.”

Kristin is the primary liaison between the organization and its various corporate funders for bike, rail and pedestrian safety programs. She holds a Master’s degree in health education and has extensive experience working on national and grassroots initiatives to keep kids safe on the road.

Blogs by Kristin

Train traveling down the tracks

Frequently asked questions about railroad and train track safety

Safe Kids and FedEx working to make schools safe

I spend most of my days at a desk helping people and communities across the county who work to keep kids safe. As fulfilling as that is, my favorite experiences are those that allow me to help in the community hands on.   

There is nothing that I can remember loving more as a kid than riding my bike with all of my friends. Every ride was an adventure and we would stay out as long as we could.

Now as an adult, I still hop on a bike every opportunity I get – and it’s especially fun to ride with my nephews, Jake, 4, and Nathan, 7, who are actually starting to keep up with me, which is saying something.

There are so many good things that come from riding a bike – good exercise, a sense of freedom, it’s good for the environment – so we want to encourage all kids to strap helmets on their heads and pedal off to the park, to a friend’s house or to school.

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