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Torine Creppy

Safe Kids Worldwide President 

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“Thinking of my son, Justin, and how he makes me smile is the only motivation I need to work as hard as I possibly can. Because I want to make sure all kids get the chance to grow up and say funny things to make their moms laugh.”

Torine has more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit management and program development. For more than 19 years at Safe Kids Worldwide, Torine has worked with funders, legislators and community leaders around the world to develop and implement strategic initiatives, create meaningful partnerships and change behavior. Torine is also a member of several national associations, including the NAACP and the American Public Health Association.

Blogs by Torine

A teenage girl seat behind the steering wheel.

Summer is the most dangerous time on America’s roadways for young people. Parents need to help reinforce the right messages to help preteens and teens to stay safe.

in and around car safety

The worst news you can hear involves the death of a child. It's only more upsetting when that death might have been prevented.

This spring, Nedao Abdelghani of Bridgeview, IL died after a relative backing out of a driveway backed over him. He was three years old.

choking safety

Here at Safe Kids, we often hear from parents who have faced the heartbreaking loss of a child. You will want to read this story by Gordon and Julie Ross, loving parents who are eager to share their story so other parents can learn from their tragedy.

-Torine Creppy, Chief Program Officer for the United States

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