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Safe Kids offers a variety of internships throughout the year. See below for links to learn more about internships we are currently offering and to apply.   

If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected].

Spring '22 Intern Spotlight

Sezin Sakmar, Former Coalition Engagement Intern
The George Washington University, Washington, DC
Major: International Affairs
Minor: Public Health

“As a Coalition Engagement (Network) Intern at Safe Kids, I collaborated with multiple departments on projects and deliverables, including Safe Kids Week and the updated Coalition Handbook. I enjoyed dipping my fingers into a bit of everything - whether it be research, development, coalition strategizing, and more. Having gained an innumerable amount of skills through this internship has prepared me for future opportunities and to better understand the types of internships in which I will thrive at in the future! I am grateful to Daphne and the entire Safe Kids Worldwide team who fostered growth for me this semester!”

Ryan Shelton, Former Research Intern
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Major: Master of Public Health (Global Health concentration)

“As a research intern, I worked towards updating three fact sheets and fast facts detailing the latest data related to Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), general injury, and drowning. I also assisted with conducting a qualitative analysis from rail safety coalition survey results to determine the engagement of local coalitions on rail safety issues within their respective communities. Throughout my time at Safe Kids, I attended meetings with Union Pacific Railroad and the Safe Kids Road Team to discuss childhood rail safety prevention. Despite being a virtual experience, this wonderful opportunity allowed me to realize my passion for data analysis and data visualization. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Safe Kids Worldwide and will use what I learned throughout my professional career.”  

Fall '21 Intern Spotlight


Camilla Molica, Former Research Intern
Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
Major: Master's in Applied Behavioral Analysis

"During my internship at Safe Kids Worldwide I helped develop an educational resource, which involved undertaking research and drafting talking points around open water safety and boating safety education. This resource will be distributed to Safe Kids coalitions throughout the U.S. as a tool to support educating parents and caregivers in their communities about the importance of these topics. As a member of the team creating the resource, I gained valuable knowledge that I will be able to take with me as I move forward in my graduate program and beyond."


Shivani Padhi, Former Coalition Engagement Intern
University of Connecticut, Mansfield, CT
Major: Physiology and Neurobiology


"As a Safe Kids Worldwide Coalition Engagement intern, I assisted in several projects, including proofing the coalition network handbook, recording discussion notes for the state coalition meetings, and editing global agreements. Through this opportunity, I gained professional and technical skills to work in a large community and broadened my professional network. I also learned pertinent information on child passenger seat safety and program grant funding. The internship program at Safe Kids was very collaborative and allowed me to interact with many staff and departments. My experiences only corroborated my interests in public health and child safety, and I look forward to learning more about injury prevention. Thank you so much to Safe Kids Worldwide!"


Margaret Silvestri, Former Programs Intern (Home Safety)
The George Washington University, Washington, DC
Majors: BS in Public Health, Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice

"I joined Safe Kids Worldwide, as a programs intern during fall 2021. As a programs intern, I mainly assisted with developing educational resources for Safe Kids' coalitions, including updating Safe Kids' injury prevention tip sheets/ fact sheets and creating an interactive bike safety presentation. Additionally, I helped compile and summarize grant report data. Overall, this experience allowed me to explore my interest in health education and promotion, learn more about program development and various careers in public health and strengthen my skill set for the future. I'm extremely grateful to Safe Kids for creating a positive and rewarding experience, which I will take with me as I finish my senior year at GWU and begin thinking about my future career."

Summer '21 Intern Spotlight


Robyn Amegashie, Former Programs Intern (Road Safety)
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Major: Master of Public Health, Prevention Science

"As a programs intern, I had a fantastic opportunity to work with the road safety programs team on efforts for the Bike to School Day (BTSD) program. I helped create educational materials to assist Safe Kids Worldwide coalitions in highlighting important bike safety information to keep kids in the community safe as they cycle and engage in other wheeled sports activities. My internship allowed me to experience the real-world application of health education and promotion and program evaluation. I also had the chance to develop Facebook content for the Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Facebook page. This role allowed me to be creative and informative while raising awareness on child passenger safety issues. Overall, my experience at Safe Kids Worldwide was worthwhile and enjoyable. "


Amanda Sheehan, Former Research Intern
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Major: Microbial Health Science
Minor: Health, Medicine, and Human Values

"I was a full-time Research Intern for Safe Kids during Summer 2021. In this position, I worked towards the completion of two literature reviews - one in support of the organization’s high-risk and underserved strategy and another to determine the efficacy of parent/school-child contracts as a tool for behavior change. Throughout my time with Safe Kids, I participated in regular partner meetings with Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and Union Pacific Railroad. My culminating experience with Safe Kids was the bi-annual PrevCon, which was held virtually for the first time ever due to the pandemic. During the week of the convention, I was trusted with many roles that went above and beyond my expectations as an intern. My responsibilities included co-hosting the first Coffee and Connect meeting, time-keeping for Lightning Talks, assisting nightly in after-hours dress rehearsals, coordinating intern schedules, and serving as a “Pearl Diver,” for our closing plenary speaker. My time with SKW was instrumental in my journey towards a future career and I hope to use this experience as a steppingstone towards obtaining a Master's in Public Health."


Sarah Platkin, Former Research Intern
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Majors: Chemical Biology and Medicine, Health & Society (Global Health concentration)

"I joined Safe Kids Worldwide as a research intern in summer 2021. Despite being virtual, the environment is extremely collaborative and supportive. I mainly worked on literature searches, updating fact sheets and working on research reports all on a variety of child injury risk areas. The highlight of my work this summer was attending and being on the planning committee for PrevCon. This internship gave me valuable insight into what careers in public health and research looked like and equipped me with the skills I need to begin on that path. After this experience, I am returning to Vanderbilt University to complete my junior year and hope to pursue other research opportunities in the future."


Clare Porter, Former Research Intern
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Majors: Economics (with Mathematics) and Environmental Studies

"As a research intern at Safe Kids Worldwide, I had the opportunity to contribute to the larger mission of preventing unintentional injuries through research to better understand how we can reach certain counties and demographics. This work was achieved by creating county-level sociodemographic data files from the U.S. Census Bureau, abstracting peer-reviewed research articles as a part of a literature review, and drafting interview guides for listening exercises with coalitions that offer child passenger safety programs. In addition to these responsibilities, I also benefited from the opportunity to interact with and observe many other facets of the operations at Safe Kids Worldwide, including conference planning and meeting with partners.  Overall, these experiences helped me to hone my research, organizational and communication skillsets, all of which will be essential for work after I graduate. I'm so thankful for the supportive and thoughtful community fostered at Safe Kids Worldwide, and I will surely miss my time here!"


Abby Peterson, Former Network (Coalition Engagement) Intern
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Majors: Political Science and Economics

"At Safe Kids Worldwide, I had the opportunity to be the network intern. My main responsibilities were focused on responding to the needs expressed by coalition members. Through communicating with coalitions, I was given the opportunity to assist in the formulation of a new onboarding toolkit for new coalition leaders. This task, along with numerous others, strengthened my organizational and communication skills. Additionally, this internship allowed me to understand and explore public health careers while enhancing the skills that will assist me with beginning my career. I am thankful for the devoted and supportive team I was able to be a part of, which demonstrated to me how rewarding a future in public health can be."