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February 2014 Product Safety Recalls

Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of kids’ oriented products. While it is important to keep aware of all recalls, Safe Kids urges you to pay particular attention to ones in red, as they are associated with one or more deaths. There is such a recall below. Please note: Safe Kids is now emphasizing especially important recalls at the beginning of the listings (in italics).

2/27/2014 CPSC: Lane Home Furniture is urging a renewed search for cedar chests, after two deaths. The chests were first recalled in 1996 voluntarily. The chests’ lids automatically latch shut when closed, locking children inside. Safe Kids reported on the two deaths on our last report. Units: 12 million

2/20/2014 CPSC: Infantino is voluntarily recalling teething toys because parts of the toy can pose a choking hazard for young children. Units: about 191,000 (sold exclusively at Target)

2/11/2014 NHTSA: Graco is voluntarily recalling child car seats because the buckles may not unlatch, making it difficult to remove the child from the seat. This can increase the risk of injury in a crash when a swift exit from the vehicle is required. For more information you may also go to the Graco website. Units: 3.8 million 

2/6/2014 CPSC: BebeLove is voluntarily recalling baby walkers because they failed to meet federal safety standards and a child can slip and become entrapped at the neck. Units: about 3,600


2/27/2014 CPSC: Rowe Fine Furniture is voluntarily recalling its Dalton style ottomans. The ottomans have a top lid into which a child can climb.

2/26/2014 CPSC: The Harvest Company is voluntarily recalling cork block toys because small pieces of cork can break off from the blocks and pose a choking hazard to children. Units: about 720

2/25/2014 CPSC: Rollerblade USA is voluntarily recalling Tempest inline skates because the mounting holes in the boot and frame can be misaligned causing the boot to separate from the frame and posing a fall hazard. Units: 11,800 pairs

2/25/2014 FDA: Roos Foods is voluntarily recalling multiple packages of cheese due to a potential contamination of Listeria monocytogenes.

2/20/2014 FDA: Fannie May is voluntarily recalling heart-shaped gift boxes because a piece of chocolate included contains undeclared peanuts. Units: 12,000

2/20/2014 CPSC: Eastman Footwear is voluntarily recalling children’s shoe because the metal rivets surrounding the shoestring holes may have sharp edges that can cause injury. Units: about 12,200

2/20/2014 CPSC: U.S Polo Assn. is voluntarily recalling girl’s jacket because the material at the neck and pose strangulation hazard to young children. Units: about 1,400

2/19/2014 CPSC: Lucent Ace Manufacturing is voluntarily recalling LED flashlights because the battery can short and cause the flashlight’s canister to rupture, posing a burn hazard. Units: 3,000

2/4/2014 CPSC: 3T Design is voluntarily recalling Cervélo Bicycles because the forward extension mounts can detach from the base bar while riding causing the rider to lose control and posing a risk of injury. Units: about 1,300

2/7/2014 CPSC: Pepe Ganga is voluntarily recalling Christmas lights because the light string can overheat and catch fire, posing fire and shock hazards to consumers. Units: about 500

2/4/2014 CPSC: Lion Force is voluntarily recalling boys' puffer coats because the drawstring through the hood can pose a strangulation hazard to children. Units: about 2,400 

2/4/2014 CPSC: Runway Global is voluntarily recalling girls' sugarfly hooded jackets because the drawstring through the hood can pose a strangulation hazard to children. Units: about 820 

2/3/2014 FDA: K-fat is voluntarily recalling 8.8oz bags of sweetened ginger candy because they contain undeclared sulfites. 

1/31/2014 FDA: Unified Grocers is voluntarily recalling 12 ounce bags of "Special Value Ginger Snap Cookies" because they contain undeclared eggs.

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