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March 2014 Product Safety Recalls


March, 2014

Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of kids’ oriented products. While it is important to keep aware of all recalls, Safe Kids urges you to pay particular attention to ones in red, as they are associated with one or more deaths. Please note: Safe Kids is now emphasizing especially important recalls at the beginning of the listings (in italics).

04.05.2014 NHTSA: Evenflo is voluntarily recalling child car seats because the buckles may not unlatch, making it difficult to remove the child from the seat. This can increase the risk of injury in a crash when a swift exit from the vehicle is required. Units: 1,368,649. For more details, check out this USAToday article and you may also go to the Evenflo website. For more information on car seat safety, please visit our car seat tips page. The recall of these car seats is the same buckle associated with the Graco recall.

3/06/2014 CPSC: Design Ideas is voluntarily recalling rubber magnets because the magnets can easily detach from the product and if swallowed can link together inside a child's intestines and clamp onto body tissues, causing serious internal injuries. Units: About 26,000

3/04/2014 FDA: Plum Organics is voluntarily recalling two kinds of World Baby pouches because small fragments can loosen, detach and present a choking hazard if the product if consumed. Units: About 12,000.

3/20/2014 CPSC: IKEA is voluntarily recalling children’s bed canopies because an infant or young child can get entangled at the neck in the canopy’s fabric, posing a strangulation hazard. Units: about 255,000


3/27/2014 FDA: Clif Bar & Company is voluntarily recalling boxes of Chocolate Chunk LUNA Bars due to an allergen hazard because the packaging does not contain a warning for tree nuts.

3/27/2014 FDA: BBM Chocolate Distributors is voluntarily recalling chocolate because it may contain undeclared milk, which can pose an allergen hazard.

3/26/2014 FDA: Vermont Common Foods is voluntarily recalling Zesty Lemon Cookie Buttons because they may contain Peanut Butter Cookies and the packaging does not declare peanuts in the product, which can pose an allergen hazard.

3/26/2014 CPSC: SATCO is voluntarily recalling KolourOne LED light bulbs because a portion of the light bulb can separate from the bulb’s base and fall, posing an injury hazard. Units: about 119,000

3/26/2014 FDA: Oscars Smokehouse is voluntarily recalling a variety of cheese spreads because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

3/25/2014 CPSC: Wal-Mart is voluntarily recalling My Sweet Love Dolls because the circuit board in the chest of the doll can overheat, posing a burn risk to the consumer. Units: about 174,000

3/20/2014 CPSC: Bedz King is voluntarily recalling bunk beds because a protruding corner post on the bunk bed exceeds industry standard, posing an entrapment hazard. Units: about 2,900

3/20/2014 CPSC: Minga Fair Trade Imports is voluntarily recalling wooden flipping toys because the paint contains excessive levels of lead, which is prohibited under federal law. Units: about 135

3/19/2014 CPSC: Vera Bradley is voluntarily recalling bear ring rattles because the pom-pom can detach, posing a choking risk to children. Units: about 98,000

3/19/2014 FDA: Helados La Tapatia is voluntarily recalling ice cream products due to a possible health risk from Listeria monocytogene.

3/19/2014 CPSC: Ganz is voluntarily recalling Grumpy Cat stuffed animal toys because the eyes can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children. Units: about 8,200

3/18/2014 FDA: Playtex is voluntarily recalling AC/DC power adapters used with breast pumps because they could potentially cause electric shock.

3/14/2014 CPSC: MobilePower is voluntarily recalling multi-function power packs because they can over heat and pose a fire hazard. Units: About 9,800

3/13/2014 CPSC: The Conran Shop is voluntarily recalling dining tables because the lacquer paint on the furniture may contain excessive levels of lead in violation with the federal lead paint standard. Units: 28

3/13/2014 CPSC: BMC is voluntarily recalling electric bicycles because the fork can break and pose a crash and injury hazard to the rider. Units: About 1,300

3/13/2014 FDA: Kirkland, sold at Costco stores, is voluntarily recalling sliced fruit because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Units: 59,780

3/13/2014 FDA: Dole is voluntarily recalling bagged salads because of a possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes. (

3/11/2014 CPSC: Therapedic of New England is voluntarily recalling twin and full size mattresses because they fail to meet the mandatory federal open flame standard for mattresses, posing a fire hazard to consumers. Units: About 3,700

3/06/2014 FDA: Net Food Brand is voluntarily recalling turkey diced apricots because they contain undeclared sulfites and can pose an allergy hazard.

3/06/2014 FDA: Crown Food is voluntarily recalling “Golden Natural Fruit Island” because they contain undeclared sulfites and undeclared FD & C yellow and can pose an allergy hazard.

3/05/2014 FDA: House of Flavors Ice Cream Company is voluntarily recalling Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream because its ingredients may include an undeclared nut allergen, posing an allergen hazard.

3/04/2014 FDA: Hong Lee Trading is voluntarily recalling coconut candy because it contains undeclared sulfites that can pose an allergen hazard.

3/03/2014 FDA: Lehigh Valley Dairy is voluntarily recalling orange juice because they may contain undeclared milk, posing an allergen hazard.

3/07/2014 CPSC: ZLP Is voluntarily recalling zipline trolleys because the pin can release and cause the two side plates of the trolley to separate and fall off the zip line, posing a fall hazard. Units: About 2,000

3/05/2014 CPSC: Twin-Star is voluntarily recalling electric space heaters because they can overheat and pose a fire and burn hazard. Units: About 31,000

3/01/2014 FDA: Roos Food is voluntarily recalling a variety of cheeses because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.