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Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division and Safe Kids Worldwide work together to protect kids from preventable injuries. Since 2012, our joint efforts on medication and sports safety have aimed to reduce unintentional medicine poisonings in children and decrease serious youth sports injuries through education programs for parents, caregivers, coaches and kids.

The first priority of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. is the safety and well-being of children, caregivers, patients and consumers, which is why we are very proud to work with partners like Safe Kids Worldwide to help educate about the appropriate use of medicines and how to prevent serious youth sports injuries. Safe Kids has a proven track record of conducting in-depth research, using data to build science-based educational programs, effectively communicating, and tirelessly advocating for public policy changes that truly help to keep kids safe. Year after year, Safe Kids has a positive impact on childhood health, and that is something we hope to continue through our partnership.

– Ed Kuffner MD., Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.


Our medication safety program provides research and practical tools and tips for parents about the safe storage and safe dosing of medicine. We also work to prevent youth sports injuries by educating players, coaches and parents about safe sports training.

At the local level, Safe Kids coalitions across the country connect parents and caregivers to educational workshops and tools to help them protect kids around medicine. Our coalitions also offer sports clinics for parents, coaches and kids to teach them safe and healthy training habits that can help young athletes stay in the game.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. has a long history of supporting programs that help children and families live healthier lives. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.’s meaningful action to protect kids around medicine and while playing sports makes it a leader in corporate social responsibility.

– David Strickland, Chairman of the Board, Safe Kids Worldwid


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division markets a broad range of well-known over-the-counter (OTC) products.  Brands include TYLENOL®, Infants’ TYLENOL®, Children’s TYLENOL® and MOTRIN®, Infants’ MOTRIN®, Children’s MOTRIN® pain relievers and fever reducers; BENADRYL®, ZYRTEC® and ZYRTEC-D® 12 Hour and Children’s ZYRTEC® allergy medicines; IMODIUM® anti-diarrheal products; and SUDAFED® and SUDAFED PE® nasal decongestants.