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Take Action to Prevent Heatstroke

TAke Action - HeatstrokeThe Danger of Heatstroke

Every 10 days, across the United States, a child dies from being unattended in a hot car. In 2018, 51 children died from heatstroke, which resulted from being alone in a hot car. These deaths were preventable. As summer temperatures rise, more kids are at risk. Help stop these tragedies from happening by working with us to prevent heatstroke. Click on the tabs for helpful tools to get you started.

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For Child Care Providers

As a child care professional, you can help prevent heatstroke by educating yourself, your staff and parents about the dangers of heatstroke. Post a flyer in your facility and share safety tips with parents. You should also consider creating a program to alert parents if a child doesn’t show up to child care as expected. These efforts can save a life.


For First Responders

First responders are in a good position to make a huge difference in preventing heatstroke. By knowing the facts, posting flyers and sharing safety information with your colleagues and community, you can be on the front lines of reducing these tragedies.

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Nominate Someone in Your Community for the Badge of Courage Award

A small act of courage can make a big difference in the life of a child. That’s why we’ve created the Safe Kids Worldwide Badge of Courage, an award that acknowledges the caring individuals who called 911 when they noticed a child alone in a hot car, as well as the brave professionals who responded and saved a child’s life. To nominate someone for a Badge of Courage, please fill out this form.