10 Ideas Towns and Cities Use to Make Streets Safe

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Some are cool, inexpensive; all are smart.

  1. Reduce speed limits
    Greenburgh, NY lowers speed limit to 25mph, just like NYC.
  2. Road Diet”: Turn four lane road into two lanes
        Jacksonville, FL reduces speed by making Kings Road two lanes, plus bike lanes.
  3. Time traffic lights and flashing signals give pedestrians a head start in crossing intersections
    Safe Kids/FedEx Memphis, TN plan gives walkers extra 3-6 seconds; can reduce ped crashes by 50%.
  4. Make ped and bike safety mandatory in road building or improvement planning
    Myrtle Beach Mayor tells planners to go back to drawing board, include safety in plans.
  5. Plant trees today, because tomorrow they can slow down drivers
    Four UK villages sees traffic slow down on tree-lined streets.
  6. Hold police undercover actions to stop red light runners and "jaywalking" pedestrians
    Teaneck, NJ police uses plain clothes cops to encourage responsible driving.
  7. Build median strips in the middle of busy streets
    St. Petersburg, FL’s gives pedestrians a mid-street refuge for tourists at “Sunken Gardens.”
  8. Traffic “tickets” with benefits issued to pedestrians and drivers obeying the law
    In Seattle’s Vision Zero, police captain issues good conduct tickets with $10 gift cards.
  9. Thank your kid’s school crossing guards for doing their important job
    Vacaville, CA newspaper editorial recognizes them for the work they do; we all should.
  10. Check it out: Is there a “safe routes” program at your kids' school
    Providence, RI uses walking school buses for safety and to reduce absenteeism.

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