Global Gathering of Safety Pros

2016 Safe Kids Worldwide Global Network Meeting

What happens when you bring together injury professionals from more than 30 countries? There is an electric and inspirational exchange of ideas that can change the world.


The Safe Kids Worldwide network of member countries gathered in Finland today in advance of the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. It is a delight to see old friends who have been working together for years, and new members joining us for the first time.

We get together each year to share ideas, issues and challenges. Here's an example of the amazing exchange that happens.

Last year, one of the coolest ideas came from Beterem, our partner in Israel. To promote prevention of heatstroke from leaving kids on hot cars, they hired a renowned chef who used the car as an oven to prepare pizza. The video about it went viral and raised a tremendous amount of awareness around the country. Inspired by that example, our partners in New Zealand reinvented the idea this year, creating a media event with a famous chef who unveiled an "unconventional oven," where he actually roasted a lamb in a hot car. One great idea inspires another, and the result is more awareness and lives saved.

It is heartening to witness the commitment of so many who have dedicated their lives to protecting children. We stand in awe, and appreciation, of this talented, dedicated group.