Fire Safety

National Fire Prevention Week spans from October 6-12 this year. The theme is “Prevent Kitchen Fires.” Every day, at least one child dies from a home fire and every hour about 14 children are injured from fires or burns.

As someone very familiar with kitchen fires (check out this blog), I am glad to see that the focus this year will be on kitchen safety. From experienced chefs to those of us who struggle making popcorn, it’s important to remember safety tips for in the kitchen.   

To spread the message of fire prevention, we have some helpful resources for you.

Cooking Safety Checklist

Download the Cooking Safety Checklist that has all our tips for keeping you and your little ones safe while cooking.


Amy Lebeau at the National Fire Prevention Association has written a guest blog about National Fire Prevention Week. You can learn more about why they are focusing on kitchen safety and why fire safety in general is so important for keeping your family safe.

Start Safe: Fire

Start Safe: Fire is a program that has tons of resources to teach young children about fire safety. We’ve got videos, lesson plans and activity sheets that educators can use to teach a whole classroom or a parent can use to teach one child. See all that we’ve got here.

Fire Safety Infographic

Did you know that working smoke alarms reduce the chance of dying in a home fire by half?  Our fire safety infographic has this and lots of other facts about fire safety.

Review our Top Tips for Parents

We know that more fires start in the kitchen than anywhere else in the home, but while we’re thinking about fire safety, we want to give you information on other ways that fires can start, too. There are so many topics related to fire safety that we’ve divided our tips into a few different sections.

For general fire safety tips, we’ve got all the information here.

If you’re looking for information on burns and scalds, click here.

For fireworks safety tips, you can read more here.

It’s also important to remember carbon monoxide safety tips. You can find those here.