Rail Safety Week is September 21-27

Railways play an important part of our society by transporting people and goods. But we have to work together to keep each other safe around tracks and trains.

Did you know that every 5 days a child dies as a result of being struck by a train?

For Rail Safety Week, and throughout the year, Safe Kids Worldwide and Union Pacific Railroad are working together to help families keep their kids safe on and around train tracks.

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We have several resources to help:


In partnership with Union Pacific, Safe Kids created an interactive infographic, “ReTrain Your Brain,” to help drivers and pedestrians remember the important messages about how to stay safe around trains and train tracks.

Website and PSA

In addition to the interactive infographic, Safe Kids and Union Pacific partnered with Herschend Entertainment Studios to bring rail safety to life through the stars of the animated series “Chuggington: Tales from the Rails.” This rail safety Chuggington partnership was created to educate young children about rail safety. It includes a PSA, a dedicated website, a customizable Rail Safety Pledge, and more! 

Railroad Safety Tips

  1. Only cross railroad tracks at a designated crossing. Designated crossings are marked by a sign, lights or a gate.
  2. If lights are flashing or the gate is down at a railroad crossing, wait for the train to pass completely, the gates to lift and the lights to stop flashing before crossing. It is never okay to rush across and try to beat the train. Trains may be closer and faster than you think.
  3. Allow enough space for your vehicle to completely clear the entire railroad crossing, not just the tracks, before you attempt to cross. Remember, trains are at least three feet wider than the tracks on either side, so even though you clear the tracks, you may still get hit by the train.
  4. If you are using a cell phone, headphones or playing a game on your mobile phone, remember: Heads Up, Devices Down when you cross the tracks. Once a train starts to brake, it can take a mile for the train to stop. So, when you see a train, it’s already too late for it to stop for you. Headphones should be removed, so you can hear an approaching train.
  5. Don’t be tempted to walk along the train tracks. It might be a shortcut, but it is dangerous and not worth the risk. It is also against the law to walk on the track and the land around it because it is private property.

Take a moment to get the facts, retrain your brain, and use these resources to talk to your kids about railroad safety!

For more on railroad safety, check out our tips or download our tip sheet.