Safe Kids Superhero

Doug Myers runs in the Marine Corp Marathon for Safe Kids

Did you hear the story about the CFO who became a superhero?

His name is Doug Myers, the mild-mannered CFO of Children’s National Health System. Every day, Doug ensures the financial integrity of a $1 billion health system that cares for thousands of children annually. The job certainly qualifies him for hero status. 

But here’s why Doug is a superhero: Five years ago, he decided that he wanted to run a marathon. Of course, superheroes don’t just run marathons; they help other people while they’re doing it.

In the first year that he completed the Marine Corp Marathon, Doug raised $8,000 for Safe Kids. The next year, he wanted to improve his time in the race (and beat Oprah). He also wanted to raise more money. So he recruited a few friends to run with him. He did it again the next year and the year after that and the year after that.

This year, Doug recruited most of our 110 runners to join his effort. He challenged the team to raise $100,000, which just happened to be the same amount Doug raised on his own over the past five years. And the team did it.

He’s a terrific athlete and a talented executive and we’re honored to have him as a board member. But what’s more, he’s a champion for children with the power to inspire others to become champions as well. Now that’s what I call a superhero.