Youth Football Concussions: What You Need to Know

Youth Football Concussions

As parents, our children’s safety is always at the forefront of our minds. We share so many amazing and exhilarating moments with them, but in an instant we can encounter frightening situations that call for a brave face even though the storm of uncertainty is brewing within us.

My son, Murphy, is passionate about playing football. Along with that passion comes bumps, bruises, and a fair share of helmet clashing. The physical intensity and risk of injury rises each year as he ages, and his practice schedule is a grueling 6-8 hour-per-week regimen. Murphy managed to play relatively injury free until well into his third year in 2012.

During a practice, Murphy was working through a drill. Helmets collided at just the wrong angle, and it immediately became clear that my son needed professional medical attention. My wife and I drove him to the ER for CAT scans and neck X-rays. The doctors diagnosed Murphy with a concussion, which is all too common in youth football. He was fortunately cleared of any other serious injuries that could have accompanied the blow to his head.

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