ASK AN EXPERT: Keeping Medicine Up and Away

Medical professional talking to mom and kid

This week's Ask the Expert column helps parents with a questions about medicine.

The Question

I am careful about storing medicine safely in my own home, but I’m not sure everyone is. How do I make sure friends and family keep medicine stored away when my child is visiting?
– Shannon from TX

Th Answer

We all know how curious children can be and how quickly they can get into anything they find. When visiting friends and family, politely explain that your child is a little explorer who easily gets into things, and ask your hosts if they would mind putting their medicine (including vitamins and supplements) out of reach and out of sight. If they keep medicine in handbags, on a counter or on a nightstand, remind them to store those up and away too. You can also start the conversation by sharing this video on medicine safety.

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Ask the Expert - Emily Samuel

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