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Ask the Expert - Emily SamuelEmily is an accomplished public health professional and Certified Health Education Specialist, with expertise in managing global programs and developing strategies to improve child health and well-being.

Emily grew up in Oklahoma with a love for children, education and global health. She has been working with children in academic and community settings since she was a teenager. With a background in psychology and public health, Emily draws from her academic and professional experience in behavioral health, health education and injury prevention and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center to develop educational programs and initiatives at Safe Kids


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For many parents, medicine safety is not a top priority when child-proofing their home. Learn why it’s important to keep all medicine up and out of reach, even medicine you use every day.

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Find answers here to your frequently asked questions about medicine safety.

Medication bottles

Find answers here to your frequently asked questions about medicine safety.

Medical professional talking to mom and kid

Safe Kids expert answers your questions about medicine. 

Medication being stored up and away in a top cabinet.

When it comes to keeping kids safe around medicine, parents and caregivers are the first line of defense. But while most parents say they know how important it is to store medicine out of reach and sight, they aren’t always doing so.