Morag MacKay

Research Director

Morag’s professional experience has largely focused on conducting and translating research to help move policy and programs towards evidence-based practices, finding ways to motivate those changes and developing tools to support them. As Director of Research at Safe Kids, Morag is responsible for ensuring data and research are integrated into all aspects of our work around the world, including programs, advocacy, development and communications.

Morag has worked in child injury prevention and control for more than 25 years. Her contributions to the field have been in the areas of injury surveillance, research, education, policy, program planning and evaluation. Prior to joining Safe Kids, Morag spent 11 years with the European Child Safety Alliance (ECSA), working with more than 30 countries across Europe to reduce child injuries. Prior to ECSA, Morag was Director of Plan-it Safe, the child and youth injury prevention center at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, Canada.

Morag earned an undergraduate degree in nursing science from the University of Ottawa and a graduate degree in medical science with a specialization in epidemiology from the University of Calgary.

Blogs by Morag MacKay

Toddler reaching up to bathroom counter.

Research highlights the need to keep medicine out of children’s reach and sight.