It's International Walk to School Day

International Walk to School Day Blog

Every October, schools across the globe celebrate International Walk to School Day. Safe Kids is teaming up with FedEx for the 15th year to host events on October 8 that will teach children how to walk to school safely. 

In honor of these great events, we’ve developed some information for you and your family to use to help your kids stay safe while walking. It only takes a few minutes today, on International Walk to School Day, or any day throughout the year, to teach your kids how to walk safely.

Watch the “Every Child Deserves a Safe Place to Walk” Video

This great video features children from across the globe talking about why road safety is important to them. Road safety is an issue that affects everyone, and these children will help you realize why having safe places to walk is so important.

Learn Some Top Tips for Parents

If your child’s school doesn’t celebrate International Walk to School Day, it’s still a good time to talk to your child about the importance of safe walking habits. We’ve pulled together a bunch of tips to get you started. To learn more about children being distracted by technology, we’ve posted plenty of information on our website.

Learning to Walk Safely in Paris

One of our staff members was lucky enough to grow up in Paris. She shares her experience of learning to walk in the capital of France. You can read about how she learned safe walking habits from her mother, and then quickly lost those habits when she was with her friends.