Runjit Chandra

Digital & Social Media Manager

“Having safety in mind is not to hinder a child’s fun, but to ensure that they can achieve without the worry of injury. The Safe Kids mission is something I have believed in my entire life and I am overjoyed to work with an organization that wants to make sure every child can grow and achieve.”

As Safe Kids Manager of Digital and Social Media, Runjit is dedicated to exploring ways that the organization can build its digital persona and ensure that every parent is well equipped with the information and resources to best keep their kids safe.

Runjit was a very curious and rambunctious little boy, whose daily explorations, adventures and rough-housings with his two younger brothers filled his life with many silly, and sometimes misguided, examples of how siblings can get into “close calls” with unintentional injury. Fortunately, these lessons ultimately forged the foundation for the safety conscious parent he has become for his curious and precocious daughter, Lilly.  

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