Line Storgaard-Conley

Digital Strategy and Marketing Director

“There are kids around the world who just don’t have access to the resources or the right information to stay safe. These are the kids that motivate me to work as hard as I can every day.”

Lorrie Walker

Car Seat Safety Expert

Ask the Expert - Lorrie WalkerWith more than 30 years of experience, Lorrie Walker is one of the country’s most respected authorities in child passenger safety.

Mark Isaac

Mark Isaac worked in the global network department at Safe Kids Worldwide, where he leads the Safe Roads |Safe Kids campaign, a worldwide effort to reduce deaths and injuries to children on and around our roads. He also works to ensure that all global network members, in the United States and abroad, have the resources and support they need to make progress in reducing unintentional injuries. In his spare time, he likes to play hopscotch, tiddlywinks, and jacks.

Martha Wilcox

Chief Marketing Officer

When Martha used to buckle her young son, Rob, into his car seat, or reach for his hand to cross the street, she would say, “What’s my job?” Rob would answer, “To keep me safe!” Now, two decades later, Martha’s job is to keep all kids safe. She oversees all aspects of marketing and communications with energy and creativity that are truly contagious. In addition to an innate drive to help parents keep their kids safe, Martha has extensive experience in marketing and communications, including leading major campaigns for the USO and the American Red Cross.

Maya Douglas

Communications & Digital Intern

Maya Douglas is a senior at Hood College majoring in communication arts and minoring in civic engagement studies. As an executive board member for both her college’s newspaper and radio station, she enjoys employing many different outlets to find new and creative ways to relay messages. As a digital communications intern at Safe Kids Worldwide she is using her passion for communication to develop innovative ways to bring awareness to safety tips to reduce preventable childhood injuries.

Molly Sprick

Public Policy Intern

Molly Sprick is a public policy intern at Safe Kids Worldwide, originally from Metairie, Louisiana. She is a rising junior in the Honors College at George Mason University studying Government & International Politics with a Legal Studies minor. 

Morag MacKay

Research Director

Morag’s professional experience has largely focused on conducting and translating research to help move policy and programs towards evidence-based practices, finding ways to motivate those changes and developing tools to support them. As Director of Research at Safe Kids, Morag is responsible for ensuring data and research are integrated into all aspects of our work around the world, including programs, advocacy, development and communications.

Rosemarie Ennis

Coordinator, Safe Kids New York State

Rosemarie Ennis has been the coordinator of Safe Kids New York State for 12+ years,   which is based out of Northwell Health System’s Center for Equity of Care

Runjit Chandra

Digital & Social Media Manager

“Having safety in mind is not to hinder a child’s fun, but to ensure that they can achieve without the worry of injury. The Safe Kids mission is something I have believed in my entire life and I am overjoyed to work with an organization that wants to make sure every child can grow and achieve.”

As Safe Kids Manager of Digital and Social Media, Runjit is dedicated to exploring ways that the organization can build its digital persona and ensure that every parent is well equipped with the information and resources to best keep their kids safe.

Shane Simenstad

Public Policy Associate

Shane is a Public Policy Associate at Safe Kids Worldwide. He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Political Science.