My Two Cents: Advice to My Younger Self

My Two Cents: Advice to My Younger Self

Written by former CEO & President, Kate Carr.

In our newsletter, An Ounce of Prevention, we asked our friends: “If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be?” We received so many great responses that we thought we’d share a bunch of them.

Chere S.

In 1994 I was in nursing school. In 1994 it was time for my son to go to college and I was bound and determined that he would not graduate with debt hanging over his head. My husband had just retired from the fire department. I quit nursing school, because we could not afford to have two people in the family in college at the same time, and I took a job that the college offered me as their full time microbiology lab tech. I had that job for 10 years. I loved it. My son graduated from university without any debt. I never returned to nursing school. I was two clinical terms short of my LPN and had all prerequisites for a two year RN. I could have built on either if only I had finished the first one (LPN). But, I didn’t. Now it is too late. I would have to start over at the very beginning. 

I would tell myself to find a way to stay in school. I was afraid I could not work and go to school and do justice to both. But, I did not try. That would be my best piece of advice to me...don’t quit nursing school! I have always regretted that decision. I’ve never regretted paying for my son’s college degree. He went on to get his masters (he paid for that) and he is now a very successful young man.

Andrew W.

Never lose the enthusiasm of youth, stop rushing to adulthood, relax and enjoy the journey.

Darlene F.

Do not be afraid to try different things. Work outside you comfort zone you might just find something you like!

Sarah R.

Some words I could have given myself 17 years ago when graduating high school may have included some of the following: Life isn’t a game, although sometimes it seems like one by the risks that are available for you to take along the path of Existence. However, in the meantime work hard but take care of your body by eating right, staying active, and getting adequate sleep. Remember do not over exert yourself continuously burning the candle at both ends, we are only blessed with one body and do not have “9” lives. Ask for help when needed, and/or delegate as appropriate. The world of existence is not just depending on you, but the team you have around you made up of family, friends, coworkers, community members etc. Listen to your peers for advice, but strive for your highest dream. Never say there is something you can’t do, for if there is a will there is a way. Be an active leader and role model to others in society and as a parent, but be a teammate in your marriage, always loving never hating. Life will be good to you! Keep your Savior close and live each day like there is no tomorrow, everything else will fall into place, keep believing and never give up!

Brenda M.

Find the love you can’t live without because life is too short for anything else. That may be coming from recent experience. I really would have liked for someone to tell me that.

Sue R.

My advice would be to research any and all activities you plan to let your child do before allowing them to do son died at the age of 10 from riding an ATV. I only wish I knew then what I know now about the dangers of ATV's and children.

Kim L.

I would give myself the advice to go to college right after high school. Relationships will wait if they are meant to be. Enjoy the dorm life and college years. It is harder to get a college degree as an adult and you miss out on the whole campus life experience.