Clifford and the Railroad Crossing
Did you know that a child dies every 5 days as a result of being struck by a train? My name is Nohemi Ramos and I am a senior at Silva Magnet High School. My friends and I learned about this statistic through our Safe Kids Rail Safety Service-Learning program. And when we heard the actual stories about the kids who were killed when they were walking too close to the tracks or even taking a selfie, we knew we had to do something about it!
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The worst news you can hear involves the death of a child. It's only more upsetting when that death might have been prevented.

This spring, Nedao Abdelghani of Bridgeview, IL died after a relative backing out of a driveway backed over him. He was three years old.

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As a longtime member of the Safe Kids staff I was pretty familiar with child safety, long before I became Stephen’s dad 17 months ago, Back then, I didn’t realize the impact Safe Kids would have on my new role as parent.


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