The ten year anniversary of the tougher federal law on child consumer product safety celebrated by Safe Kids intern

Liquid nicotine is packaged in ways that young kids find appealing, so it’s important for to be aware of the dangers of this lethal substance.

A first-person account examining the issue of state laws requiring the use of seat belts on school buses. Our blogger looks at what is going on in various states and explains why a law requiring a “three-point” seat belt is the safest bet.

Wearing a life jacket while canoeing or kayaking in open water is important for everyone, especially kids. The vast majority of fatal boating accidents occur when victims are not using one. What parents need to know to keep kids safe.

Here’s an example of creativity and energy from our youngest safety advocates.

Protecting kids on the road is a goal we should all strive for.  

Holiday edition of toy safety recall report helps parents shop for safe toys.  

Take time to educate yourself and your family about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Safe Kids Worldwide is urging NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a like to help keep kids safe in and around cars

Parents, learn how to keep your school zones safer.