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Here at Safe Kids, we often hear from parents who have faced the heartbreaking loss of a child. You will want to read this story by Gordon and Julie Ross, loving parents who are eager to share their story so other parents can learn from their tragedy.
It seems like February is the month when the winter season makes its one last “hurrah,” giving us all one more chance to get out that sled, pair of ice skates, skis or snowshoes and just be a kid again.
Learn how pink nail polish helps one grandparent remember his granddaughter, and spreads the word about the dangers of TV tip-overs.
Safe Kids and General Motors teamed up to bring you a few things to remember when driving with your little ones this winter.
Safe Kids released a report that outlines what would happen to children if dramatic spending cuts take place. This blog was co-authored by Kate Carr, President and CEO, Safe Kids Worldwide.
Don’t wait. Act now to make sure your child is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.
This week, Safe Kids Worldwide weighed in on an important issue concerning children. And we brought 62 of our closest friends with us.
Know the full history of the seat and be 100% certain it has never been in a crash.
Halloween Kid
But if there is one thing this "storm of the century" has taught us, it's the importance of family, friends and being safe. That means if you're in an area where fallen trees, flooding streets and loose electrical wires threaten to make it difficult or dangerous to trick-or-treat, please don't hesitate to do the smart thing and stay in this Halloween.
If there is one thing this “storm of the century” has taught us, it’s the importance of planning ahead and being safe.